support the park

Shelby Trails Park is a part of The Shelby County Parks Foundation a 501C3.


Donations that are given to the Parks Foundation will be utilized for Shelby Trails Park

improvements to: trails, stables, fencing and other general upgrades.


All donations are tax deductable.

If you would like to donate, please call (502) 437-4375 or email


Wish List



* Fence Boards and Posts

* Fly Predators or spray

* New or used tack

* Farm Equipment (tractors, harrow, feed tubs etc.)

* Seed or ferilizer

* Sawdust or savings

* Hay or Grain 


* Horses - we are looking for sound (of body and mind) schooling horses for our lesson program.

Short or long-term free-lease or in-kind donations

are graciously encouraged.