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Image by Filipe Dos Santos Mendes

Training Philosophy

Our training program is geared toward retraining and starting horses under saddle, young and old.


We love helping, horses and clients, who are experiencing challenges in their training or relationship.


Our training program helps to identify and solve issues around groundwork, nervousness, pushiness, distracted, disengaged or buddy sour horses.

Our principals: help horses, and people, begin the process of shared observation through what we coin “brain-based training”.


Essentially, we, as humans, will take the time to “see” what our horse sees and build trust with us as partners. Partners that are both focused, have shared goals and are okay making mistakes and learning from those mistakes together. In short, creating a life long friendship that is fun and easy – like it should be!


Full Care Board and Training

$1200 - FOUR - 30 minute

training sessions per week

Full Care Board and Partial Training

$1000 - TWO - 30 minute 

training sessions per week

Transfer Lessons

$50 per session

Transferring training to rider

Ready to Ride
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